30 Days About Me

Chapter 1 – June 1

As promised here I am writing about myself, I promise 🙏🏻 I won’t bore you 😊… if I do come back tomorrow LOL 29 more days to go.

June 4, 1974 bammm I was born, fast forward to my 7th birthday 🎂 party which is as far as my memory goes lol. I recall having my closest friends over for my Birthday party, my dad had bought a pig and was roasting it in our backyard… now that I think about it, YUMMM 😋
family but my father always tried to throw awesome parties for me since I was an only child for 32 years, yes you read correct 32 years. Always try to remember the good things that happen in your life, don’t let the bad things over shadow what’s most important. I can only remember a few things from my childhood, like fighting with a good friend and poked her with a needle 😬, being a straight A student, hating squash, dancing at most school talent shows, and my mom sliding lunch to me under a fence at recess LOL.
too soon because I was a teen mom so it was now my kids turns. I’ll be 43 years in 3 more days and I’m so blessed to celebrate 1 more year. I am not one to give so much advice but if I may, I believe there are times that money or time does not permit for a birthday celebration small or big but if at all possible and money is not an issue… celebrate every birthday possible, those are some of the memories that will stay and no matter how many things we may go thru in life, these birthday memories will always stay.

Life is short! we are here today, we don’t know if we will be here tomorrow. Make each and every day count, make memories, take pictures, write in your journal 📓 and always remember to be grateful for another year. Well that’s all for the 1st of 30 days about me

Thank you for stoping by and taking the time to read 😘

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